Ultimate Venn Diagram

Samuel Gratzl

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Explore Set Intersection using Venn or Euler Diagrams

Venn diagrams are a common way to show set overlaps between sets. For up to three sets, they give a good overview how sets are overlaping. Euler diagrams are a variant in which the area of the overlap corresponds to the amount itself. An alternative more scalable version for more sets is available as "Ultimate UpSet Plot". This is an interactive Venn Diagram implementation based on UpSet.js ( More information can be found at

Common use cases:

* Customer segmentation in which one customer belongs to multiple groups/communities

* HR candidate evaluation in which a candidate has multiple skills

* Advertising channel evaluation

* everywhere in which someone fills out a multiple choice form field, like: "How have you heard from us?"

License Note:

Basic Features are free. However, once advanced features are used a watermark will appear. Reverting the advanced setting or removing the extra set will remove the watermark again. To permanently remove the watermark, you can request a trial license from or visit for order options.

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