IT Help Desk Virtual assistant “James” for L1/L2 Automation . ...

Actionable Science Inc.

AI powered Virtual Assistant that focuses on Auto-resolving IT help desk issues - setup in days!

James is an intelligent IT help desk Virtual Assistant, that connects to Microsoft Teams. James reimagines how to provide complete help desk functionality and employee engagement through an ever-popular channel.

Smart, easy and out of the box

  • Outstanding and robust NLP that understands IT help desk issues very well
  • Fully MS Teams enabled & available via multiple channels - intranet, mobile
  • Simple conversation design
  • Pre-built knowledge base for common enterprise topics
  • Hundreds of IT resolution skills out of the box
Feature rich
  • Twitter age knowledge management system
  • Process orchestration/workflow capabilities
  • Unique micro-learning module
  • Live chat with agents
  • Bot and Process builder studio
  • Detailed and insightful analytics
  • All of the above available at Teams for great adoption and ease
Secure & well integrated
  • SOC type II certified 
  • GDPR compliant
  • Encrypted at rest and transit
  • Integrated with all leading ITSM systems
  • Azure hosted and built for business continuity
Quick implementation and great ROI
  • 3 day set up to get started
  • 2 months or less for complete implementation
  • Unheard of ROI for REAL cost optimization
Time for automating your IT help desk is now! Try our industry leading product in a limited time free trial.