Ademotion 1.0

ademotion sp. z o.o.

Psychology & data AI driven platform for improving digital marketing.

AdEmotion platform is available in Polish language version only.

AdEmotion platform is the solution to the market demand for high-quality data. It combines the demographic, geolocation, socio-economic and behavioral data accessible on the market with knowledge at much more profound level - who are the current and potential clients, what personality they have, what are their values, what are their aesthetic preferences. An effectively stimulated purchasing intention will translate directly into the growth of your business.

Data segmentation

Creation, implementation, and maintenance of predictive models enabling the classification of consumers (first-party data) into characterized groups regarding their psychological aspects (personality, value system) and aesthetic preferences, based on the proprietary classification model created in cooperation with the Innovation Center of the SWPS University. The benefit for the client - a significant increase in sales.

AI marketing platform

Platform (SaaS) for precise targeting of advertisements on the Internet. The AdEmotion algorithm enables to create personalized advertisements (automation of ads creation) and unique - psychologically oriented - segmentation of the client\rquote s target group. The benefit for the client - a double-digit increase of conversion of the campaign.

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