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Agility CMS - Developer Test Drive


5.0 (2)

A CMS Built for Developers By Developers

Fast, flexible, and intuitive

Agility is a true cloud, multi-tenanted CMS that we manage for you. That means you can focus on what you do best, building websites!

Decoupled Architecture

While we maintain your CMS instance, your website is entirely separate and can be hosted anywhere.

Amazing APIs

Agility has APIs for everything. Use the REST API or our .Net SDK to interface with your Content. Access it how you want to!

  • Agility is Hybrid CMS, with a unique architecture that focuses on the needs of the developer just as much as the end user.
  • The system comes with both Traditional Editor-centric features and an amazing set of APIs.
  • Implement a full Agility website, or mix and match pieces to solve your specific use case using our Shared Content repository, User Generated Content, Media & Documents, or Ecommerce.

Your Data, Without the Database

Agility uses a sync mechanism that delivers content directly to your website with a strongly typed API. And... there's no database.

Code it Your Way

You've got your ways of doing things, we get that. Since your website is decoupled from the CMS, you have unlimited freedom and Agility doesn't get in the way - so you do you and love what you build.

  • Use any front-end framework such as React, Angular, Vue or roll your own.
  • Supports both server-side rendering or Javascript Single Page Applications (SPA).
  • Use the latest version of ASP.NET MVC in the backend.
  • Top level support for Azure DevOps - the best cloud deployment experience.
  • Access your data with a strongly typed API - highly tuned for Intellisense in Visual Studio 2017 - catch errors at build time with ease!

Agility websites are super fast and hyper-scalable - what are you waiting for?