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Behavee - data marketing automation tool

Behavee creates software that changes online marketing and provides personalisation, analytics and marketing in one place. We understand the behaviour of any digital user on any digital channel including websites, mobile apps, etc. Behavee gathers data and uses this to aggregate and analyse opportunities, transfer to CRM systems and segment and streamline your e-commerce operation. We use this data to improve performance of your online store and increase your revenue.

With Behavee you can:
Save time - speed up process of analysis with easy to use tools. Make the right decisions every time. 
Save money - our low-cost tools automate everything, so you improve conversion rates more quicker and more efficiently. Save money and focus on your business.

• Behavee provides support for the whole sales life-cycle for customers from prospect, to conversion to retention.
• Behavee is easy to integrate with current working processes and technology.  
• Behavee is a hybrid agency combining human action with artificial intelligence to provide analysis, reports, insight and solutions. 

With Behavee you get:
One-click Marketing Campaigns - Whether it's a search, display, or remarketing campaign, everything is set up to make the process simple and quick.
Tools to understand Customer Behavior - Record visits in multiple ways, create heatmaps that show where they go and detect page layout and logic errors.
Precision Web Analytics and Data - Our highly accurate tracking technology shows how many people have visited your site and where they came from. Track customer information like location, device type, time of visit, complete customer visit history and much more. All this is real-time data without any sampling.

Whatever your online business is. Behavee is the right solution for you. From fashion to fintech we help companies understand their customers behaviour in detail, so they know the best ways to improve sales and ultimately increase revenue. We give them the tools, data and guides to thrive in the modern online world.
SEO specialists, website developers, brand designers and many more creative agencies partner with Behavee to deliver insightful and powerful campaigns for their clients around the world. We work closely with these organisations to deliver the tools and analysis they need to thrive so they can help more people with less effort.

This application is available in [English, Czech]