Blu Genius

Blu Age Corporation

Automated Mainframe COBOL to Azure Cloud Native Migration

Blu Genius is a complete modernization ecosystem powered by Blu Age Analyzer and Blu Age Velocity. It automates a full modernization project including legacy portfolio assessment, code analysis, migration of code and data to a Cloud-native target architecture.

The platform allows you to analyze your code, plan and budget the migration, transform your code, and test on a Like for Like basis the generated code, all on Azure. The resulting application uses a customizable Angular web interface and a micro service backend which natively leverages Azure managed services.

Blu Genius is powered by Blu Age Velocity, a state of the art modernization engine for transforming mainframe COBOL applications and their databases (VSAM, IMS, CA Datacom, and DB2) into a modern Java/JavaScript application relying on proven frameworks such as Angular and Spring, with the same features and behavior than in the legacy. Where other code transformation solutions produce procedural-influenced Java or JOBOL, Blu Age solutions produce modern applications reflecting service oriented architecture and true object oriented program