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Blue Panda Communications

Omni-Channel Contact Center

A Simple, Scalable Contact Center Solution for Today’s World. Blue Panda Communications has created CoreInteract - an intelligent Contact Center platform to address a growing need for unified customer communications. Blue Panda’s Azure cloud based CoreInteract is easily scalable, maximizes efficiency, and allows customers a choice to connect through their preferred device or application. CoreInteract helps solve one of the biggest challenges facing contact center operations - 25% agent turnover. This high rate of turnover is largely due to archaic and disparate tools required to complete customer interactions. CoreInteract solves this issue by incorporating all of the communication channels needed into a single unified interface - voice, text, web chat, email, and Microsoft Teams interactions are all consolidated into the CoreInteract agent application. This capability also gives CoreInteract the ability to cater to the communication preferences of agents and customers which increases the overall customer satisfaction and business value of our solution. CoreInteract is targeted at companies that engage in business-critical customer communications including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and any company that has a dedicated staff of customer engagement professionals.
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