Social media sentiment analysis for recruiting PoC

inden CloudMoyo Inc

Identify best-fit candidates for your organization

With the increasing growth and influence of social media networking sites recently, HR teams are increasingly looking at social media channels as a means of screening candidates to determine organizational fit from a values and cultural perspective. This process is lengthy, manual, and there is often no centralized location to store all relevant data or analyze and visualize it to inform decision making.

The CloudMoyo social media sentiment analysis Proof of Concept for HR and recruiters brings intelligence and analysis to the screening process using candidate text, videos, and images from a candidate’s Twitter. This leads to a better investment of recruiting time, and maintenance of workforce quality. This solution leverages Microsoft technologies like Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Data Lake, Power Apps, and Power BI. 

Features of the solution:

  • Data preparation: Exploration, pulling, and preparation of a candidate’s social media data from their Twitter account. This data can include text, images, and videos in a variety of languages.
  • Data science: Application of a machine learning model that screens social media data to flag candidates based on your filtering criteria using Azure Cognitive Services. Any abnormal behavior is classified as positive, neutral, or negative.
  • Data storage: Store results in centralized, secure Azure Data Lake.
  • Data visualization: Interactive, easy-to-understand Power BI dashboard to visualize candidate details to recruiters in an actionable manner, allowing drilling down into KPIs.

 Business benefits that this Proof of Concept provides:  

  • Collect all relevant details about a candidate from social media
  • Screen best-fit candidates for the organization to align with your organizational values and culture
  • Help HR teams invest their time wisely into the right candidates
  • Maintain the quality of the workforce and improve retention with right-fit candidates