cQuant is a SaaS platform to determine the risk profile and asset valuations of energy portfolios.

cQuant provides cloud-based analytic solutions to energy companies.  cQuant specializes in portfolio analysis, risk management and valuation solutions for complex energy portfolios. Customers can select some or all of the 20+ models cQuant has developed and combine these models to create analytic chains to build complex, insightful analysis solutions.  The platform provides engaging dashboards, data visualizations and detailed reports allowing for excellent decision making.

Typical reports include CMaR, VaR, Mark to Market, CFaR and, asset valuations and NPaR.  These solution provide a powerful set of tools for executing complete portfolio analysis.

Any energy organization (LSE's, IPP's, CCA's, Utilities, Renewable projects, and Energy Traders will all benefit from using the cQuant platform for stochastic model simulations.

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