Teams Bot for e-Share Secure External Collaboration Platform


Enables secure file sharing with external partiers from Teams without Guest Access being required.

The e-Share Teams Bot extends the core functionality of the e-Share Secure External Collaboration Platform, enabling users to securely share files from within Teams with external parties. Though Teams does allow guest access to a channel, this access is often too permissive for most organizations..i.e. the guest would have the right to see all conversations and access all files in the channel. And Teams lacks the ability to apply controls that would be appropriate when sharing files with consultants, auditors, partners and customers (e.g. online edit for 30 days with no downloading). With the e-Share Teams Bot, you can share selected conversations and files with external parties from within Teams, without a guest account. Users simply invoke the Bot from any Teams conversation and the Bot privately responds with a card to create a "Trusted Share". Add a description, recipient email addresses, and confirm what file(s) are to be shared. You can also select and customize the policies under which recipients are permitted to access the shared content. For example, limited to view or edit-only access, automatically watermarking documents with the recipient's email and IP address prior to viewing or download. Shares expire automatically after one use, or after a specified period of time. As with the core e-Share Secure External Collaboration Platform, the recipient experience is fully branded with your organization's colors and logo, so recipients will know it's safe to collaborate with you. And the use of a subdomain of your organization (i.e. assures that the links to shared files provided to external parties will never get blocked, as often happens with links to cloud file storage systems such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and even OneDrive. You can invoke the Bot anywhere you have access Microsoft Teams, including the desktop and mobile experiences. Ultimately, the Bot extends Microsoft Teams to work across your innovation eco-system. Your Teams users will enjoy using it, your security office will embrace it, and your recipients will love the experience.
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