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LMS365 is the Microsoft certified - Learning Management System developed for Microsoft 365 & Teams

LMS365 is the Microsoft recommended and certified - Learning Management System developed for Microsoft 365 & Teams

LMS365enables your organization to deliver and manage training on the Microsoft 365platform through SharePoint, Teams, and mobile devices, providing a familiar environment for your employees, partners, and customers.

Incorporating collaborative tools through the Power Platform, and trusted data security recording with Microsoft's intelligent global cloud and native Azure AD platform, an all-in-one learning and training digital workspace is therefore provided via LMS365.

Engage learners with quality training tools usingLMS365 – built for businesses in all industries

LMS365 makes learning easy to deploy, eliminates the need to install, integrate, and manage third-party web services and can be up and running in hours. It is the perfect fit for all types of organizations across industry verticals—including financial services, healthcare, law, manufacturing, and government—all using Microsoft 365.

Read more about how to transform your company training and enable learning in the flow of work with LMS365.

Organizations who employ the learning management solution, LMS365, receive:

    • A fully integrated learning platform built into the entire Microsoft 365 stack from Teams, SharePoint, and Power BI to Azure and Dynamics.
    • Rich content management features, allowing users to create courses and manage content that leverages the Microsoft 365 platform.
    • An engaging user interface that includes personalized dashboards, leaderboards, and certificates that keeps employees engaged in their learning curriculums.
    • Comprehensible Power BI reporting on learners’ data ensures your organization meets corporate and regulatory requirements.
    • Streamlined compliance with regulations, automatically recording compliance reporting and certification management.

LMS365 Freemium – The ideal learning platform for growing businesses

LMS365Freemium is our free integrated learning platform with the full benefits to onboard, train, and develop your team—and scale your organization.

Build a learning culture that’s free of roadblocks with a full-power Learning Management System.

Learn more about our free, premium LMS365 option here: LMS365 Freemium

Need help with your LMS365 installation?

You can find a step-by-step Appsource installation guide, including an instructional video, through our LMS365 Help Center.


  • This LMS365 App is designed for the Modern SharePoint Framework and requires Azure Active Directory (AAD) Admin Permissions.
  • This version of the LMS365 App is not available for US Government Community Cloud (GCC). For more information on how to get LMS365 Government edition for GCC, please contact us.