elisa smart factory solution

Elisa Oyj

Smart Factory IIoT and Analytics Solution

Description: Elisa Smart Factory is a software solution that connects to machine, enterprise and process data, collects and turns it into actionable insights for factory management and operational teams (line managers, supervisors, operators, inbound/outbound logistics). It shows process inefficiencies in real time, finds out why they are happening – and how to avoid them. These insights empower production optimization, resulting in increased machine uptime, production quality and yield.

Need: For many years, manufacturers have sought transparency into production information, processes, and resources. However, for many plant managers, factory is a “black hole”, meaning that work orders and materials enter the factory at one end and, much later, finished productions exit at the other. Even though enterprises have invested in ERP and MES systems to alleviate the problem, they have not been able to unlock the needed data to empower managers and executives to make informed, timely decisions. 

Elisa Smart Factory provides real-time insights on what is happening on the shop floor at all times. It eliminates the need to wait for information to flow up from the shop-floor, whether it is related to a problem with equipment or materials in production. The data-driven visualization enables decision-makers to readily understand what is important to focus on at any moment and to make readily decisions, significantly reducing the need to rely on gut-feelings and opinions.  

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