FACT360 For Wellness


HR analytics for organisational wellbeing.

The well-being of individuals is inextricably linked to an organisations’ overall success and an engaged workforce is proven to be the most effective method of driving personal and organisational achievement.

Traditional methods for assessing wellness, such as face-to-face interviews and online surveys, are slow, have a high potential for bias and the results rarely reflect reality.

The communication data flowing through an organisation is a more useful and reliable resource and can be used to extract powerful insights, without analysing the content of the communications themselves. To put it another way, looking at how people naturally communicate provides more useful intelligence than asking how they feel.

  • Objective analysis of organisational wellness
  • Generate wellness insights using communication flows without the need to read or understand messages
  • Improve understanding of workforce’s behaviour providing opportunities to maintain and develop occupational health
  • Highlight the impact of internal and external events on the workforce