cloud4retail OmniPOS

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OmniPOS enables you to access every functionality throughout the entire store with one solution.

cloud4retail - A unified cloud platform for the intelligent store

GK Software breaks down the barriers to unified commerce with its GK/Retail OmniPOS solution for point of sale.
"OmniPOS is the platform that enables you to access every functionality, not only in the store, but throughout the entire enterprise."

Modular, Critical, and in Real-Time
Modern retail calls for continuous processes - regardless of where or when the consumer makes a purchase.

With GK OmniPOS, all critical retail processes are available as services – creating unrivaled agility to access and use them at any location and on any device.

The platform can be installed centrally or locally and with or without a user interface. These services are available to all systems in the omni-channel environment – in store, online or on mobile devices - in real time - to unify your clienteling efforts and create lasting relationships.

Highly Available and Cluster Aware

OmniPOS is specifically optimized for high availability, providing all required data at any time to all systems.

All key components of the OmniPOS are cluster-compatible and scalable according to demand by connecting additional network nodes. Load balancing optimally distributes the workloads over the network to minimize response time and maximize throughput.

Multi-Client Capable Solution for the Whole Enterprise

Even the most complex corporate structures can be managed efficiently with a small footprint.

OmniPOS' multi-client capability allows you to run different business areas or sales lines in parallel on one database installation.