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Customer-specific and actionable threat intelligence at a fraction of the cost

IntelFinder is a SaaS-based customer specific and actionable threat intelligence service. 
We monitor a variety of sources in order to identify external and internal threats to our customers' brands, business and IT security. For example, we cover:
  • Similar domain registration (often used for Phishing, BEC fraud, brand abuse, etc.)
  • Leaked employee credentials
  • Rogue mobile apps
  • Leaked source code
  • Exposed subdomains
  • Leaked internal documents
  • Trademark application filing
  • Domain Hijacking
  • and more!

IntelFinder's mission is to make threat intelligence as accessible as possible. To that end, we've developed the service to be fully automated, self-service and scalalbe. This designed enables us to offer it at a fraction of the cost compared to existing services on the market, which rely on human analysts in their intelligence generation process. The service is available as low as $250/month per brand (on an annual subscription).

Affordability, straightforward user interface and descriptive intelligence alerts ensure that IntelFinder provides value to organizations of every size and users with any security background. 

Additional features include:
  • Viritual Analyst - an Aritifical Intelligence which analyzes the intelligence deliverables and provides suggestions on how to improve the operation
  • Specific remediation recommendations provided for each finding
  • Dynamically generate takedown letters, tailored for each finding and relevant recipient
  • Robust integration options and pre-made connectors for a variety of solutions, such as Splunk, ThreatConnect, ThreatQuotient, Jira, and more

Sign up for a two weeks free trial and learn why IntelFinder was chosen by organizations of all sizes, from large enterprise to start-ups. Our customers include FICO, Check Point Software, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), and many more!

What they say about us:

"We’ve been using IntelFinder to monitor for potential source code and documents leaks, as well as other types of incidents. IntelFinder has been proven valuable, providing us with insights and visibility into open data not covered by others." - Naor Penso, Senior Director of Product Security at FICO

"As a leading cyber security company we must prevent those who try to damage our reputation. IntelFinder helps us with automated external intelligence with a low numbers of false positives!" - Jonathan (Jony) Fischbein, CISO at Check Point Software

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