Johns Hopkins Blossom - Diabetes Management

Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC

Help your population manage their diabetes with Blossom

Designed by Johns Hopkins clinicians, Blossom™ is offered to employers, health plans and providers as a coach-assisted digital-health program to help their population manage their diabetes through problem-solving and behavior change. 

Our research-based lifestyle questionnaires help individuals assess their needs and identify stressors or behaviors that might be preventing them from taking the best possible care of themselves. Access to Blossom's evidence-based  educational content ensures participants stay updated on the information they need to live the healthier lifestyle they want. Employees can track weight, food, sleep, activity and connect to apps – all in one seamless solution. They can enter data manually, or connect a glucometer or Fitbit®. And the entire Blossom program is encompassed by a care team including a care coordinator, a personal coach and an extended care team of specialists if necessary, to help participants stay on the right path to health.

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