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Microsoft startup of the year ūüŹÜ: map design + desk booking + parking booking. Desk sharing!

The hybrid work model is the new dream for many companies. But making it a reality is the challenge. It’s hard to constantly track who is where, which spaces are being underutilized, and to manage occupancy thresholds. Companies need to strike a balance between WFH and the office. To achieve this, they need the right tools.
Waldo Booking is a flex office occupancy management, team tracking and parking reservation / booking tool for Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Office.

Waldo Booking helps companies optimize their places, making the workplace more pleasant and collaborative for everyone.

How it works
ūüĎČ Based on a draft plan that you provide, we'll create a beautiful office space design.
ūüĎČ Waldo Booking tells you where your teammates are so you can decide the best place to work, whether at home or at the office.
ūüĎČ Waldo Booking anticipates your next move by booking a desk and parking space for you based on your habits and preferences.
ūüĎČ With the Waldo Booking PowerBI connector, you can create the reports you need with the look and feel you like.

Easy to deploy
ūüĎČ WaldoBooking is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. There‚Äôs no need for users to adapt to a new tool or provide duplicate info.
ūüĎČ Waldo Booking ‚Äôs administration is fully based on Microsoft 365. There‚Äôs no need to synchronize data, create new groups, etc. Just use what you already have.
ūüĎČ It takes zero clicks to install Waldo Booking . Once deployed, Waldo will automatically appear in each user‚Äôs Microsoft Teams account.

Review the different plan and pricing to fit your needs and click on 'Get It Now' to add Waldo to your Microsoft Teams. You can start with the free version or the complete version.

ūüĎČ Desk booking / Desk reservation.
ūüĎČ Parking booking / Parking reservation.
ūüĎČ Map design.
ūüĎČ Work from home policies.
ūüĎČ Fire wardens / First aiders management.
ūüĎČ Check-in.
ūüĎČ Meeting room booking.