InTWO AI FaceRec Timesheet

inden InTWO

Timesheet system working on Facial recognition API for enhancing the staff management experience.

If you’re managing a company where everybody clocks in at 8 and leaves at 5, you should have little cause for worry where scheduling employees is concerned. Since everyone works the same hours, staffing levels can be easily monitored, and it’s highly unlikely that a staff member would be a no-show because he or she forgot about or wasn’t aware of the schedule—and you would know if they aren’t there. For most staffing managers and shift supervisors of multi-shift, multiple-location businesses however, employee scheduling can be a nightmare because you not only have to consider the needs of the business (how many people are needed when, and skills) and how these needs impact on profitability.  Our mobile app solves and caters to all these problems with one solution that fits all your needs.