DeviceTone IoT for Connected Field Service

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Transform your products into “smart” devices with easy IoT for modern maintenance

Connector for DeviceTone™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Bring together open standards “smart” device technology with Dynamics 365 to set up and run your connected maintenance operations.

Can your current customers using existing products benefit from an IoT connected field service? As an OEM, can you see the after-market potential of servicing your products but think manufacturing connected products would be too high?

DeviceTone Genie™ is an innovative and cost-effective open standards technology that transforms existing products into “smart” devices that can send alerts and ongoing performance data for predictive maintenance scenarios.

The Dynamics 365 Field Service connector to DeviceTone Genie™ helps manufacturers (OEMs), distributors and service companies respond to triggers from these “smart devices”.

Features and benefits of using this app

Prodware Connector for DeviceTone Genue™ connects any device to Azure IoT suite and Microsoft Dynamics 365:
  • Alerts generated by devices based on performance and behaviors are sent to Dynamics 365 Field Service to generate workflows and activities
  • Service planners and schedulers can seamlessly manage work orders and jobs for technicians in a proactive manner
  • Because the device is “talking” directly to Dynamics 365, the client is notified of an issue to be resolved before it becomes a problem for them once a technician is scheduled
So your business will benefit from:
  • Continuous relationships with customers via predictive maintenance alerts
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with reduced downtime
  • Optimized dispatch of technicians
Speak to Prodware about connecting your Dynamics 365 Field Service app with smart device technology, and start to revolutionize the way you look after your customers post-installation.

Next steps:

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