Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)

inden Mavim

Mine, Design, & Improve Digital Business Processes in one Microsoft-based platform

Why: Think of a Digital Twin of an Organization as your transformation GPS.  You start by understanding where you are now and telling the software where you need to go.  Need to understand compliance to GDPR? Trying to harmonize multiple Dynamics instances? If your transformation impacts your business operations, you need Mavim to help you understand where the obstacles are that will prevent you achieving your goal on time and within budget.  

What: Mavim offers Microsoft based software that facilitates the creation of a dynamic, virtual representation of an organization in its operational context. Every asset that falls within the context of an organization (processes, technology, architecture, infrastructure, customer interactions, business capabilities, strategies, roles, responsibilities, products, services, distribution channels) can be connected, reported upon and visualized. By connecting directly to the data source, Mavim is able to continuously update your model with the latest information from your transactional systems.  This helps business leaders assess the impact of change in a controlled environment. The data visualized in Mavim provides insight into an organization’s current state, which can be continuously infused with new information to give feedback on how the organization is responding to changes, deploying resources, and delivering customer value.