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Simple and open: Universal IoT solutions for machines, plants and buildings

The WAGO CLOUD is a Microsoft Azure-based IoT solution that is optimally tuned to WAGO hardware. Data from various machines and systems can be collected centrally and be visualized, for example, by using trends and graphics. The user can easily access his data remotely at any time. WAGO CLOUD can also serve as a data hub for third-party systems / WAGO IoT partners, in which the data can then be analyzed, for example. Following features are provided: - IoT controller management and monitoring - Data collection (cyclic and event-based data) - Simple visualizations and trends - Alarm monitoring - Remote access to local configuration and web visualization of the controller - Firmware & application updates - REST und CSV data export - User management and permissions In many applications, the standard features of WAGO Cloud are enough to digitally map processes. With WAGO Cloud Individual, it is also possible to create application-specific cloud solutions. Working with you, we check your individual requirements and develop the right approach for you. WAGO Cloud serves here as a basic platform, so that we can start directly with the actual extensions, for example: - Custom branding (logo, color...) - Additional Apps in the Web Portal - Additional evaluations / visualizations, e.g. with further Azure Services (PowerBI, TimeSeries Insights...) - Special interfaces to external systems such as ERP, CRM, billing systems. - Hosting of the WAGO CLOUD in own Microsoft Azure Subscription - Definition of your own business model - 3rd party hardware support You like to do more with the collected data? Talk to our experts about your field of application and learn how you can use your data intelligently with Artificial Intelligence tools connected to the WAGO CLOUD.

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