NetApp Cloud Tiering


Extend your data center to the cloud without changing your applications.

Cloud Tiering is the ideal solution for organizations who have decided to move to the cloud but are looking for a risk-free starting point. It takes away the pressure to migrate applications to the cloud, giving you more time to get familiar with the cloud environment and plan accordingly. The Cloud Tiering service leverages NetApp's ONTAP FabricPool, that moves infrequently-used data to lower cost cloud object storage. Infrequently-used data is tiered from your on-premise SSD disks to Azure Cool Blob object storage. Whenever the tiered data is needed, it is seamlessly moved back to the data center. ONTAP users with AFF or FAS SSD can start using the cloud without any change on the application layer. Tiering infrequently-used data to the cloud frees up valuable SSD capacity on your data center enabling you to respond to growing storage capacity demands while saving costs. Infrequently-used data is automatically discovered and tiered. You can activate tiering for all your data or specify which volumes and Snapshots you want to tier. The Cloud Tiering UI shows you the active and inactive data and the status of the tiering health which helps you identify and correct issues as they occur. With Cloud Tiering, you no longer need to worry about running out of space on your data center. You can keep accommodating more and more capacity without needing to expand your existing hardware
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