Azure Labs by Neway

inden Neway Technologies

Environments as a service (EaaS)

Azure Labs is a cloud based automation and orchestration system for self-generating virtual environments, Launch templates in minutes with any machine type needed,  set for the duration needed, saving IT spending's on hardware and DevOps resources.

Through its web based portal, it allow customers managing virtual environments and templates orchestration as-a-service (EaaS). Azure Labs lifecycle management process enabling enterprises to scale testing's deployments, POC and support of sales teams.

Labs main components are:

  • Self-service GUI.
  • Lifecycle management.
  • Environments automation and orchestration.
  • Role-based configuration.
  • Labs budget control.
  • Web-based connection via WebRDP \ SSH.
  • Environments usage & performance monitoring.
  • Budget hard limit, by hour \ template \ user \ group.
  • Administration settings.

The system most common verticals for use are:

  1. Enterprises: SE, PS, Debug, Demo Labs.
  2. Gov: Defense, Cyber Training programs.
  3. Education: Big Data Labs, GPU- Graphics labs, DevOps.