EVA Unified Commerce Consulting Sprint

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Global Brands & Enterprise retailers now can unify touchpoints, empower in-store associates with EVA

Global Unified Commerce Platform as Service (POS & OMS on Azure)

The EVA Cloud-based solution ensures seamless shopping by combining (m)POS, e-commerce, clienteling, order management, and inventory & fulfillment, all while ensuring compliance with (inter)national privacy and fiscal legislations.
With your stores as the anchor point in your Unified Commerce strategy, EVA unifies all your touchpoints and empowers your instore associates with innovative and best-in-class Unified Commerce capabilities allowing for an immersive and consistent brand experience.

Leading-edge technology
We keep a strict line between feature code, our back-end technology, and the cloud vendors we use, meaning we can upgrade to the latest technology the market has to offer as we go. We believe in Moore’s law as a service. Dedication to cutting-edge technology and adoption of the latest bank-end applications, front-end frameworks, and innovative solutions. So that you - as a global brand & retailer can focus on creating immersive brand experiences.
Unified Commerce-as-a-Service

A MACH-based architecture built with a cloud-agnostic approach. All inventory, order, and customer data in full context is available at your fingertips across all touchpoints.

Unified & Compliance by design
All functions & features on the EVA platform are Unified & Compliant by design, ready to support any modern order scenario and diminish the burden of local fiscalization rules.

Functions & Features

Global & Local POS
  • Unified orders & payments
  • Clienteling & associated sales
  • Endless aisle, Ship-from-Store, Click & Collect, Curbside Pick-up
  • Possibility of returns through every channel with automated refunds
  • Fiscalized in over 40+ countries (GDPR, PCI, etc..)
Order Management
  • Support orders from any channel for a single source of truth.
  • MACD (Move, Add, Changes & Delete) your in-flight orders
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Store, e-commerce and associate management
  • Audit every modification during the order lifecycle process
Inventory management
  • Real-time Omnichannel inventory availability
  • Full-instore inventory management
  • Store replenishment
  • Smart cycle count
  • Support of NFC & RFID scanning
Unified Commerce Management
  • Advanced order orchestration
  • Real-time fulfillment calculation
  • Omnichannel price & promotion management
  • Omnichannel real-time GL automation
  • Advanced settlement automation
Future-ready Technology
  • Technology & cloud-agnostic
  • Microservices, API first architecture
  • Headless Commerce SDK
  • Future-ready toolbox to support ever-evolving shopper touchpoints
  • Global Fiscal, GDPR & PCi Compliant
  • Sentinel: offline store functionality ensured.
Headless Commerce Software Design Kit (SDK)
  • Cloud-native architecture enabling flexibility and unlimited scalability
  • Unified Cart
  • Unified Catalog management
  • E-invoice and real-time reporting ready in over 25+ countries