BetterCommerce Multichannel PIM

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Most flexible & unified solution for e-commerce product information management.

BetterCommerce PIM was designed to support mid-market retailers and brands looking to scale. Its cloud native and packed with advanced features to launch and manage your product catalogues with ease.

The BetterCommerce PIM is extremely flexible and built for collaboration across internal departments and to publish your product data across all sales channels.

The BetterCommerce PIM will create a central repository of all your product data enabling you to:

  • Organise and enrich your product data with governance measures applied
  • Optimise for syndication providing a single source of truth for all teams and sales channels
  • Use an integrated drag and drop visual merchandising tool to improve the customer experience
  • Leverage an easy to manage tool even with products that have complex variant scenarios
  • Create unlimited variants and attributes
  • Introduce product completeness checks to improve product accuracy and trust with your customers
  • Create product bundles to increase AOV
  • Enrich and enhance product descriptions using any type of rich media for a more engaging experience
  • Build lookbooks to create a more personalised experience

Onboard BetterCommerce PIM in weeks not months and start to take control of your most important asset, your data.