Government Relations Platform (GRP)


Automating Government Relations processes in the cloud for a more engaging HR experience.

OnPro is a modern platform for HR & Recruitment teams to collect, store and track people data in real-time. Integrated with MOHRE, GDRFA & other government portals for a fully automated solution.

Join businesses such as Samsung Engineering & Abu Dhabi University in delighting their employees with a seamless government relations experience from hire to retire.

Key benefits:

  • Onboarding fully automated and customized
  • Cloud document management securely stored on Azure
  • Expiry planner makes deadline management easy
  • Real-time monitor of your government transactions with single dashboard
  • Powerful tools to analyze & report your data

Product features:

  • Connect; Onboard your people data accurately, fast and direct from source government portals
  • Monitor; Live feed of your government e-service applications on a single dashboard
  • Automate; RPA takes the strain out of completing applications (enterprise only)
  • Knowledge; Intelligent database of key government processes fully mapped out
  • Integration; Custom API's & integrations available

OnPro is a leading platform powering over 10,000 people for leading UAE brands and is expanding across the GCC & Europe.

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