OnPro Technologies

Automating Recruitment and HR services workflows in the cloud for a more engaging experience.

ONE Platform delivers a truly automated and collaborative solution for HR, Recruitment & Operations teams to manage service requests, collect, store and track people data and workflows in real-time.

Join businesses such as Samsung Engineering & Abu Dhabi University in delighting their employees with a truly digital experience.

Key benefits:

  • Delight your employees with a fully digital experience
  • Collaborate & communicate better with key stakeholders
  • Increase the efficiency of service delivery
  • Reduce costs, avoid delays and fines

Product features:

  • Smart Requests; initiate, check & approve service requests
  • Connect; employee data, profiles and e-service applications automatically updated
  • Workflow Management; pre-configured intelligent, fully automated workflows
  • Document Storage; key documents stored securely on Azure cloud
  • Notifications; email notifications keep all stakeholders fully informed

OnPro is a leading platform powering over 10,000 people for leading brands across MENA & Europe.

*** Rated 5/5 ***


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