Intelligent Employee Experience

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PwC creates human-led, tech-enabled employee experience enhanced by AI to drive business outcomes.

Putting AI to work for you

Employees have fundamentally changed their relationship with work, their expectations of leaders and their loyalty to employers. From transactional to relationship-driven; from fixed hours to flex; today’s employees are working for purpose, not only pay. PwC helps leaders shape the AI experience employees want, powered by the right technology to help drive the business outcomes you expect. PwC puts people at the center to create human-led, tech-enabled experiences – enhanced by AI – that eliminate mundane tasks to increase job satisfaction, unleash the creativity needed for breakthrough innovation and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

PwC provides a lifecycle of offerings from ideation to execution:

Discovering and mapping client challenges
Conducting assessments and collaborative proof-of-value workshops
Preparing workforce and building skills for employees
Executing delivery integration and deployment
Together, PwC and Microsoft are helping transform the employee experience. PwC combines deep industry and capability experience, powered by AI, alongside Microsoft’s intelligent modern work solutions, from Microsoft 365 to Copilot, Teams, Power Platform, Azure OpenAI and Viva to create the outcomes you expect. Transform your existing employee tech stack by offering a single-pane-of-glass experience for your people.
PwC creates role-based experiences that engage employees and produce business outcomes that:
Transform the way sales teams work
Simplify an immersive tech experience for frontline staff
Enhance learning and onboarding with AR/VR
Elevate the workplace tech experience with M365
For a worldwide customer with 1M+ employees, PwC aimed to remove barriers for frontline workers and store employees so they were better connected, more engaged and able to complete daily tasks more easily. The approach:
Assessment to understand collaboration needs, existing solutions and the desired employee experience aligned with people priorities
Alignment with industry-leading vendors to help design a connected single pane of glass solution for frontline workers
Implementation of technology to help drive the intelligent employee experience forward with a path to future success
Building a future-ready employee experience strategy that involves anticipating and adapting to the changing needs and expectations of employees in the evolving workplace. Here are key steps to developing such a strategy:
Define the intelligent employee experience and AI strategy based your employees’ needs and organizational goals, and considering your existing digital ecosystem
Embrace digital transformation to enable greater productivity, flexibility and work-life balance through a seamless and integrated platform
Foster a culture of continuous learning with digitally enabled tools, encouraging employees to develop new skills, learn and grow
Enhance communication and collaboration, cultivating engagement and community, promoting safety and well-being and embracing diversity, equity and inclusion
PwC is reimagining the way we work with AI to drive positive employee experiences that will help organizations make better decisions, improve employee satisfaction and improve leadership engagement with their teams. PwC can enable AI-driven outcomes such as:
Improving frontline worker and store manager experiences
Improving HR insights and survey data to reflect sentiment
Driving organizational OKR and KPI goals
Improving employee / manager / team connections
As a leader in the responsible application of AI, PwC can help you mitigate risks and implement AI safely. Our Responsible AI Toolkit and Framework delivers a strong governance model and controlled environment that develops AI capabilities for your workforce, securely.