RPS for IoT data protection


RPS for IoT data protection

Protect confidential data in all your IoT scenarios hosted in MS Azure by calling our RPS integration components & RPS Protection server. RPS integration components will dynamically capture and ask RPS Protection server to transform clear confidential data into encrypted, tokenized, anonymized and/or pseudonymized values.


-Application developers  

-Business analyst/ Business users

-Data scientist


Pain points solved

-Access in clear to your confidential data through the US Cloud Act by US authorities

-Nonacceptable usability for Application developers/Business analyst to access sensitive/confidential data while operating.

-Analytics and machine learning in compliance with EU-GDPR and Swiss regulations

-Compliance with data subject’s consent and rights for individuals (EU-GDPR)

-Ensure customers that their data can never be accessible in clear to other customers in case of misconfiguration / data leakage within the Azure IoT Hub platform

Value proposition

-Segregation of duty between MS functional services (Azure IoT Hub/ Azure Event Hub / Azure IoT Edge) & security/compliance services provided by a third party Trusted platform (RPS), fully managed by you

-Dynamic Data protection for your confidential data from your IoT Edge gateway to Azure IoT Hub and Event Hub

-2 Clicks to benefit from Audit evidence related to IoT data analytics protected by RPS. It drastically shortens the time to gather information that all regulated data are effectively protected (during audit phases led by Internal Auditor, external Auditors, and regulators).  

Unique Selling proposition

  • Rich anonymization, pseudonymization, encryption and tokenization libraries > 100 techniques
  • All the protection configurations per field and/or per file can be reused via your RPS Configuration module for multiple data sets/clients.
  • Performance: handle large volumes of streamed data sets to be protected