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Sign documents electronically in a breeze – legally binding and in accordance with Swiss and EU law.

Sign documents electronically from Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint and save up to 80% of signing costs compared to signing on paper.

Skribble integrates with OneDrive for Business and enables companies, departments and teams to sign documents directly from OneDrive and SharePoint Online. Right-click on a sales contract, purchase agreement, or any other document and sign it in a few easy steps – paper-free and regardless of time and place. 

Skribble is the fastest, most secure, and most productive way to get documents signed with customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

Would you like to enable your entire company to sign from OneDrive and SharePoint? All you have to do is connect Skribble Business with OneDrive for Business, and you're all set. Have a look at our step-by-step guide for help.
If you haven't set up Skribble Business for your company yet, you can do so on This is how it works.

Why sign with Skribble?

  • Skribble is the one-stop shop for digital signing with Swiss privacy that provides the legally suitable signature for any document.
  • Signing with Skribble is ready for company-wide use in just a few days.
  • Sign documents and invite others to sign from OneDrive and SharePoint without having to upload or download documents.
  • External parties can sign without having a Skribble account.
  • Add a personal message to a signature invitation or when you decline to sign a document.
  • Keep the look and feel of your handwritten signature when signing electronically.

Skribble is trusted by more than 250 companies around the world. Once you've signed with Skribble, it will become a loyal companion in your everyday business life.

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