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Achieve better learning outcomes with immersive interactive mixed reality products

Our suite of turn-key immersive learning products enable your L&D team to deliver engaging training quickly, easily and cost effectively. Start Beyond’s products can incorporate your existing subject matter packaged in an impactful immersive manner, while the Trainer Management Tools enable your instructors to deliver, monitor and administer the immersive courses.

Over 40 dedicated applications have been published to all major VR HMDs

Start Beyond has 4 Key Products:

  1. Solo Learner 

A self-paced learning experience where audiences can choose from a scalable selection of linear and interactive VR content. Optimised for individual use, this portable solution is ideal for use in small groups, distributed workforces and mobile sales teams. The custom branded experience is intuitive to use, works with and without a VR headset and can be distributed privately or distributed publicly into popular app stores.

  1. 1 to 1 Learner

A unique and collaborative approach to immersive learning; giving trainers access to difficult, perilous and complex social simulations and the ability to watch how the student interacts in real time. Designed for use by professional therapists, the tool enables organisations to record and track student sessions over time for review and archiving, and the ability to intervene and control the student experience.

  1. Group Learner

A comprehensive learning suite designed to deliver a combination of physical and simulated training experiences. Optimised for small groups of up to ten people, Group Trainer can be delivered to controlled classroom environments or as a portable solution. A companion tablet app enables Trainers to manage student participation, synchronise course playback, track and verify attendance, regulate test assessments and issue final certification.

  1. Lecture Learner

A shared, synchronised group experience that will leave a profound and lasting impact on your audience. Purposefully designed to cater for small to large groups (2-100 people), Lecture Trainer facilitates and streamlines large volumes of people to experience a communal-yet-unique interactive VR learning experience. Perfect for employee on-boarding, exhibition spaces, event activations and roadshows.