Sutherland Storecast

inden Sutherland Global

Identifying untapped sales potential for each store and the operational drivers to unleash it

The role of the store is changing in the digital world. While over 80% of total retail sales are still driven through the physical store, retail same store sales continue to decline driven by diminishing traffic and conversion. Solutions to date have not been able to stem this decline in the face of the omni-channel shopping options available to their customer base. While brick-and-mortar retailers track store traffic and conversion, the data, science and recommendations to optimize their conversion rates has not kept pace with the digital transformation. Sutherland Storecast is an analytically-driven solution that identifies the incremental sales potential for each store and the digital and operational drivers to unleash it. Storecast is differentiated as it evaluates over 100 internal and external variables, as well as on and off line sales, leveraging latest advances in machine learning to determine future sales potential.