Generative AI Studio™ - Xperiment as a Service

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FastTrack adoption and experimentation of Generative AI for enterprises

Tech Mahindra’s Generative AI Studio (Tech Mahindra Generative AI Studio™) - Xperiment as a Service (XaaS) helps enterprises make a start towards addressing the listed challenges.

Powered by Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI services, the studio enables enterprises to produce high-quality content outputs faster than ever before by providing them with the structured and customized aspects of Generative AI, thus helps enterprises to adapt Generative AI in mainstream AI projects faster. The studio has also codified prompt engineering in a form that it reduces randomness in responses, and the standardization approach was adopted to generate content, taking advantage of NLP – which is extremely beneficial for enterprises.

With an aim to fast-track enterprises’ Generative AI adoption journey, our Xperiment as a Service:
  • Acts as a catalyst and enabler in Generative AI adoption; A studio to help enterprises bootstrap Generative AI
  • Provides underlying power of Azure OpenAI Service - GPT 4, GPT 3.5 and GPT 2.0
  • Provides Read to Use playground for enterprises’ PoC/Pilot and evaluate Generative AI for industry specific use cases and real-life data
  • Allows enterprises to evaluate various large models (including open-source ones) and compare results
  • One stop lab with trials on – Documents/Text, Code, Images, Video, Audio and Data
  • Demonstrates potential of Generative AI in Content Creation, Search, Extraction, Alteration and Enrichment
  • Facilitates co-research and co-create Generative AI models and tasks
  • Provides user friendly interface for ease of adoption

The studio is scalable, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Many of our customers are already using Generative AI Studio and deriving huge benefits. Enterprises across industries can leverage Tech Mahindra's on-premises and cloud-based, one-stop solution to bootstrap their Generative AI journey.

Our Services:

  1. Tech Mahindra's Generative AI Studio™ as an accelerator
  2. Tech Mahindra’s Xperiment as a Service (XaaS)
  3. Enablement services towards on-boarding of the studio and XaaS adoption model for enterprises
  4. Co-research and co-create services on Generative AI technologies
  5. Consulting, Architecture and Implementation services for Generative AI technologies