Teksouth Corporation

EntelliFusion cleans, shapes, stores & secures operational data for analytics and machine learning

EntelliFusion is MSaaS designed to outfit your organization's data driven culture transformation.

EntelliFusion, now available commercially, has massively scaled across the United States Department of Defense for 20 years.  In its largest instance it successfully manages financial and operational data analytics and decision support by integrating 226 interfaces for over 15,000 users running over 30 million ad-hoc queries annually.   Users have enjoyed 99.99% up time for the past 15 years proving itself reliable while evergreen –  continuously innovated and built on the latest Microsoft technology and frameworks.  EntelliFusion is data agnostic, infinitely scalable, and guarantees data accuracy and response time performance to promote end-user tool adoption on any BI tool of your choosing.  We can host it in the cloud or on premise.  It is the first place to begin future readiness to facilitate artificial intelligence & machine learning capabilities across an enterprise.


Teksouth now offers Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS) powered by EntelliFusion.  Through BIaaS we provide your organizations data in a cleansed, shaped, stored and secured format on a hosted MSaaS subscription. We outfit the journey to bridge the data divide to facilitate successful data driven cultural transformation.   We develop, host, maintain and support.  Our clients stay lean and focused on their business, make progress continuously with agile development sprints, and reduce the often-unknown capital and operational resources required to make it all work.  

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