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Telemedicine solution – innovative platform for healthcare business

Telemedicine is the technology of tomorrow for healthcare. Telemedico is an entity that operationally combines and develops two areas: the technology of the telemedicine system platform and the provision of e-medical consultations by its own team of doctors of several medical specialties. The platform has been designed and expanded to provide health services, enables a safe, intuitively easy to use contact between patients and doctors, patient access to medical records, and collecting patient life measurements using medical devices integrated with the platform. The inclusion of telemedicine services for ongoing pro-health activities reduces the costs of stationary visits by around 40-70% on average, reduces geographical barriers between the patient and the doctor, increases the availability of doctors' advice through better management of staff or subcontractors of Telemedico consultants who consult 24 / h by 365 days a year. Telemedico enables the implementation of a coordinated care model in which the patient is monitored and supported in the treatment process - which increases the effectiveness of treatment and reduces time. Our software is used mainly by insurance, assistance, medical companies (hospital, clinics or medical centers) and pharmaceutical companies to provide patients with medical service remotely via video, chat or phone. It can be integrated with a provider’s electronic health record and scheduling systems through our API.

Telemedico provide AI medical triage and symptom checker. It's easier to find the right physician for each individual patient. It analyses each problem and symptom in a way that allows physicians to determine if the patient can be completely treated online or if an offline visit is needed.

Doctors are provided with clearer and more detailed information about the patient with our advanced AI. Our system gives physicians recommendations based on the symptoms provided by the patient while also providing them with treatment advice or more information about the diagnosis. Thanks to this we have decreased the usage time of a doctor per consultation by 22%.

The solution Offer the highest level of security compliance with all regulations and guarantee access.

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