wayCloud Platform

inden valantic Supply Chain Excellence GmbH

The cloud-solution for cross-company collaboration and supply chain visibility

With the wayCloud Platform (wayCP), the solution for cross-company collaboration and supply chain transparency, any number of customers and suppliers can be connected. The complete supply network can be visualized with all relevant information such as inventories, throughput times, parts lists, requirements and capacities. Create supply chain transparency in your single or multi-level supply chain and generate planning security for you and your partners.

On the web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, the often heterogeneous system landscapes of all partners along the supply chain can be connected via simple interfaces. The transparency gained in this way increases the ability to plan logistics processes. The wayCP is therefore ideally suited for needs and capacity comparisons, order promising and stock monitoring including stocks in transit. Efficient collaboration with partners is possible via integrated options in supply chain collaboration, such as chat and task tracking. This increases delivery reliability and ability to deliver, and potential delivery bottlenecks can be avoided at an early stage. Daily coordination and data exchange between the partners involved takes place centrally and with the highest demands on the security of their data. valantic Supply Excellence GmbH is TISAX (L3), ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and relies on Microsoft Azure as a platform with hosting in Western Europe.

The wayCP can best be used if you regularly exchange information with the connected partners, e.g. B. via the task management (list of open points), a useful function within the wayCP. It is also particularly suitable when it comes to quickly creating transparency in the supply chain. The software can be used directly and without lengthy setup and supports you, for example, with production start-ups and supply bottlenecks in multi-stage supply chains.

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