Skinive.Cloud - AI-Powered Dermatology service for IT-Solutions


Add value to your web&mobile apps and earn more with Skinive.

Skinive.Cloud is a cloud-based neural network for labelling images of skin lesions and assessing the risks of skin diseases. It is designed to recognise the classes and types of objects on the skin from photographs from smartphones, diagnostic images (dermatoscopy) using artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Skinive.Cloud detects 50 different types of skin conditions and gives you an AI-based recommendations for next steps  within a second. Integrate our API into your website, app, or use it as a skin care assistant for patients or as a diagnostic reference tool for healthcare professionals.

The neural network is accessed using the REST API in the request-response mode. You get the response in JSON format

The Skinive API service is designed to reduce the problem of the availability of mobile screening tests for end users, as well as for medical professionals: skin care specialists, cosmetologists, therapists, dermatologists.

Skinive leverages Microsoft Azure for maximum performance, security, and availability for developers and customers.
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