Ubicua Xperience – Asset management


Control your assets in real time, wherever they are, and create business rules.

Management and control your resources wherever they are. Collect and analyze device telemetries in real time, trigger alerts and automate actions.

Multi-language platform built on Azure technology to improve access and security of your data.

UBICUA XPERIENCE is an IOT DATA remote management Cloud platform supported on Azure and developed by Zertia that allows companies to monitor assets and business processes, manage resources and predict events in real time. 


  • Real-time visualization of all your assets.
  • Ability to group devices (information cluster) by type and filter them
  • Configurable rules and alerts
  • Notifications through different channels
  • Bidirectional automation of actions
  • Advanced analytics. Powerful interactive charts and reports

This control has a direct impact on higher productivity, quality improvements and cost savings:

  • Provides a global vision and real-time detail of assets
  • Reduces response times
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improves productivity and increases quality
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Integration with business
  • Automation and optimization of processes

This application is available in Spanish.