Explain better and faster with professional vector icons.

Icons for explaining

The icon library is specifically designed to illustrate processes, values, company values, product features. It contains icons that you won’t find in any other library. Get access to thousands of icons to make infographics, such as process diagrams, charts, quotes and mockups, with ease like a pro.

Explain better

All icons in the library are based on a single design grid. This makes your content look consistent and professional.

Explain faster

Thanks to the uniform design grid, you will immediately find suitable icons even in different collections.

For commercial and non-commercial projects

With attribution (CC BY 3.0 license)

Easy Coloring

Adjust colors and line widths directly in PowerPoint.

Lossless Scaling

Change the size of the icons without loss of quality.

Highlight content with style

The entire icon library is based on a single design grid. So the styles can be perfectly combined. This gives you stylish design options to highlight content.

What you get

Access to an extensive icon library, made for business needs. The icon library is constantly updated. Currently it includes over 11.500 icons in over 80 sets such as:

Restaurants, Online Agency, Lawyer, Tourism, Insurance, Education, Electronics, Real Estate, Start Up, IT, Service, Furniture, Education, Insurance, Project Management, Forecast, Wellness Hotel, Web, Application, Supermarket, User Interface, Sewing, Internet of Things and much more

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