edcom Vacation Manager

durch Edcom GmbH

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Vacation Manager for automated leave and absence management for all organizations with Microsoft 365

The intuitive web application provides a profile for each employee with an overview of the holiday account, including remaining quota. Log in is done via Microsoft 365. Any other (optionally quota-based) accounts can be created - e.g. home office, parental leave, business trips or special leave. Specifications can be maintained centrally, via locations and teams or individually. This includes public holidays, team leaders, acknowledgement and approvers. HR has a complete overview of all employees and their accounts and can view and change applications. Key date analyses and export to Excel are further features. For team leaders, planning is simplified by the overviews of their team colleagues' accounts and applications. The users determine their substitute if required. The substitute is automatically notified by email, as are the approvers. Holidays are displayed in the Outlook calendar, and there is a reminder for the substitute. Graphical and tabular views provide employees with an overview of their accounts applications, substitutions and tasks. An integrated calendar provides a quick overview of all vacations, absences and substitutions, also with detailed information. This application is available in English, German.

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