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Create forms to collect field data.

Create forms to collect field data in Power Platform

Conduct surveys, audits, and inspections, and use guided workflows, directly in Power Apps and Power Pages. Deploy libraries of complex forms in hours, not months. Design in a simple drag-and-drop interface. Fit your specific industry and use-case.

Tackle frontline scenarios

Design or import any form for collecting data, including checklists, work protocols, digital surveys, inspections, risk assessments, or machinery audits. Modify and re-use your forms for multiple projects. Make versions for different roles, localize them into multiple languages, configure for various use cases.

Collect data on the go

Improve the way frontline workers collect data. Make the forms easy to complete and available in Power Apps exactly where and when they are needed. Enhance work accuracy and speed. Publish forms on Power Pages for contractors or external users.

Get valuable business insights

Use guided workflows to increase the quality of data you collect. Access the data in real time. Feed it into Power BI or use it to train your AI applications and services. Apply the insights and improve your operations.

Maximize user adoption

Take advantage of advanced functionalities and customize your project to fit specific user needs, preferences, and workflows. Make creating forms and collecting data accessible to a wide range of users, including those with non-technical backgrounds.

Key features

Build your forms with Questionnaire Designer

  • Design your forms directly in Power Apps
  • Use drag-and-drop interface, no programming needed
  • Set up business rules and logic without coding
  • Import existing questionnaires or forms from a PDF, image or Excel
  • Select from 25+ types of questions, including multiple choice and signature
  • Use and update Dataverse data directly within your form
  • Use Scoring to quickly evaluate your survey, feedback or assessment
  • Store questionnaire data in JSON to reduce storage costs and sync time

Use your forms to collect data

  • Run your forms directly in Power Apps and Power Pages
  • Collect data from frontline workers, customers or contractors
  • Work from any device including tablets, smartphones and desktop computers
  • Improve work accuracy and speed with guided workflows

Use forms anywhere in your Power Apps.

Make forms available to customers and contractors on a Power Page.

Integrations: Power Platform, Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Pages

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Web

Devices: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

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Forms+ is a model-driven app that requires Resco Suite to be installed in the same environment to function.

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