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iGlobe CRM Excel Reporting and BI Tool

This requires iGlobe CRM Office 365 -

iGlobe CRM Excel Reporting and BI Tool is an APP/ADD-IN for Excel that will give you access to your CRM data with just one click.

iGlobe CRM Excel Reporting and BI Tool is all about getting a simple, better, and accurate overview of your CRM data. Make you reporting in your preferred tool. Why should the CEO open the CRM system? Information and reports must be available at the CEO’s hand any time, in real time. From Excel or at the executive intranet in Office 365. That where the CEO have all other information. Using Excel to create you CRM reports and Office web-apps to present it in SharePoint Online you have a unique Business Intelligent tool.

CRM’s Reporting tool gives a current, comprehensive view of all sales activities. You know where every customer is in the sales cycle; deal size, contact history, even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging.

Support and configuration guide:

This release is avilable from the Excel Client and Online using Chrome, Firefox and IE version 10 en up. Notice the app will not work in IE 9.


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