BC Insight - Payables and Receivables

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BC Insight – analytics for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Introducing BC Insight - Payables and Receivables: Your Ultimate Financial Analytics Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you find it challenging to optimize your payables and receivables processes effectively?

Say goodbye to financial complexities and embrace a new era of financial visibility and control with BC Insight - Payables and Receivables.

Maximize Financial Efficiency with Receivables Reports:

  1. Account Receivables Overview: Attain a 360-degree overview of your outstanding payments and effortlessly track customer balances. This report provides unparalleled insights into your existing cash flow and customer credit standing, empowering well-informed decision-making.
  2. Customer Insight: Unleash the true potential of your customer data with the Customer Insight report. Identify key customer trends, track payment behaviors, and spot growth opportunities to nurture valuable customer relationships effectively.
  3. Customer Insight - Comparison: Compare customer payment patterns and track changes over time to identify potential risks and opportunities. Stay ahead of market dynamics and optimize your strategies for sustainable growth.
  4. Salesperson Insight - Customer: Empower your sales team with valuable insights into customer transactions and payment history. Drive performance-based decisions and align your sales strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
  5. Customer Analysis: A report showing new, lost, and reactivated customers provides vital insights into customer acquisition, churn, and re-engagement, aiding in refining strategies for growth and customer retention.
  6. ABC Customer Analysis: Based on your sales data from the past 12 months, this report classifies your customers into three distinct groups according to their impact:
  • A - Comprising 80% of total sales. 
  • B - Accounting for 15% of total sales. 
  • C - Representing the rest 5% of total sales.
  • Utilizing the well-known Pareto Principle, this report provides valuable insights into the customers who have played the most significant roles in driving your sales performance over the last year.

    Streamline Payables Operations with Payables Reports:

    1. Account Payables Overview: Maintain a b grip on your payables with the Account Payables Overview report. Get an overview of outstanding vendor balances, manage payment timelines efficiently, and ensure healthy vendor relationships.
    2. Vendor Insight: Efficiently manage your vendor interactions with the Vendor Insight report. Analyze vendor payment patterns, track purchase history, and negotiate better deals for improved cost management.
    3. Purchaser Insight - Vendor: Empower your purchasing team with data-driven insights from the Purchaser Insight - Vendor report. Streamline procurement decisions, optimize purchasing processes, and reduce operational costs.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access nine powerful reports, meticulously crafted to cater to your specific payables and receivables needs.
  • Drill-Through Capability: Dive deep into data with a seamless drill-down feature, allowing you to view source transactions like Customer and Vendor Ledger Entries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of underlying details.
  • Flexible Analysis: Utilize the Decomposition Tree to explore dimensions and attributes in any order, enabling customizable analysis of financial data.
  • Effortlessly monitor and categorize overdue debts, spot trends, and compare receivables between periods. Gain valuable insights into top customers and vendors with the highest outstanding amounts beyond their due dates, while assessing potential risks and opportunities with total value and percentage breakdowns.

Experience the Future of Financial Intelligence:

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  • Install and configure the BC Insight Connector app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Configure and setup Azure Enviroment (Storage Account, Azure SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Factory). Contact GoPro for Azure configuration assistance and information.
  • Purchase and assign Power BI License
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