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Microsoft 365 Certified

Mail Signatures, simple and safe, centrally managed, branded & personalized across the organization.

Enable automatic insertion of a personalized and branded organizational mail signature in Outlook for all your users across your organization. Design different signatures for 'new', 'reply', and 'forward' via a centrally managed mail signature template.

Mail Signature is part of the officeatwork suite of solutions that empowers your employees to increase their productivity and effectiveness while using Microsoft 365 tools – it allows easy access to customizable, up-to-date templates, contents, brand, and legal elements to your entire organization. Improve brand consistency, content quality, and security across your business.

Kick-start your emails with Mail Signature by automatically inserting a personalized and brand-compliant mail signature into each email message created in Outlook across devices and platforms. Simply modify your centrally managed mail signature template and have it automatically applied in Outlook without any user having to do anything.

Use the free officeatwork Admin Center to centrally manage and configure all officeatwork solutions.
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Key Benefits:

  • Zero-effort mail signature insertion for all you users in Outlook.
  • Simple and fast way of creating and centrally maintaining stunning mail signatures applicable for all users across your organization.
  • Reduce ambiguity for your employees and keep your teams happy
  • Maintain consistency and quality across all your mail signatures
  • Ensure all of your mail signatures are on-brand
  • No IT skills are needed, just click to insert.

Requirements: The Template Chooser requires you to have a Microsoft 365 Work or School account.

License: Users and shared mailboxes require an officeatwork Mail Signature license.
About officeatwork: Our passion is to simplify work so users can get jobs done faster, in higher quality, and with more engagement than ever before. We are privileged to serve millions of users and organizations of all sizes and industries across the planet. We have been a Microsoft partner since 1998 and have won multiple global Microsoft Software and Partner awards. All our products are Microsoft 365 App security certified.

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