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Improve production efficiency via real-time visibility and advanced analytics.

Improve production efficiency via real-time visibility and advanced analytics.

Manufacturing operations are facing various challenges such as:

  • Long cleanups & changeovers

  • Unpredictable downtimes

  • Variable labor performance

  • And ever-changing production schedules.

Moreover, the effective decision-making capability of managers is hampered by a lack of real-time production visibility and limited performance tracking capabilities. Digital Factory cloud solutions, powered by IoT and advanced analytics, assist manufacturers in swiftly and cost-effectively digitizing their performance tracking, production scheduling, and log-keeping activities through integrated solutions like OEE Tracker, Scheduler, Digital Logbook, and Labor Tracker.

The OEE Tracker Module empowers managers to make informed decisions regarding production bottlenecks via reports including:

  • OEE Deep Dive Analysis

  • Waterfall Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Changeover Analysis

  • Micro-stop Analysis

  • Maintenance Performance Report, and more.

Gain complete real-time visibility over shop-floor and production performance

  • Easy data collection & review via iPad terminals, IoT sensors, PLC integrations and API connectivity

  • Real-time line status & production performance tracking via mobile app, live dashboards, and visual factory boards

  • Detailed visibility over equipment effectiveness, downtime losses and root causes

Improve OEE performance

  • Save valuable labor and machine hours via identifying and eliminating unplanned downtime losses

  • Correct and prevent issues faster via automated alerts, IoT sensors and advanced analytics

  • Enhance production performance driven by goal-oriented & data-driven performance culture

Achieve high ROI within a few weeks

  • Reduce cost of goods sold and increase throughput / revenues

  • Minimize cost of quality with reduced scrap and waste

  • Decrease manual data collection & reporting via robotic process automation

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