Frontline Worker App: 4 Week Implementation

Valorem LLC

A 3D instructional application for the manufacturing frontline which replaces conventional 2D instructions or costly in-person training with an immersive, step-by-step Microsoft Teams experience.

Need a faster and easier way to create, manage and deliver instructions to your frontline?

Valorem’s Vesper solution is the next evolution of paper-back manuals and procedures like Haynes and Chilton. A mobile application that allows users to view text instruction alongside an AR-enabled digital twin of an existing object and full 3d viewport navigation. These 3D guided procedures replace conventional 2D instructions and costly in-person training with a customized and immersive step-by-step experience delivered through the mobile Teams app.

  • Intuitive step-by-step guided procedures
  • Real-life representation of each step
  • Accelerate training
  • Optimize equipment maintenance and repair

Our app innovators will help you build and deploy this solution to meet your unique frontline needs while maximizing your Microsoft 365 investments and tools. Azure-based storage enables the scale, flexibility and security of the cloud while Teams services provide a simple, familiar and responsive experience for end users. Improve training efficiency while creating a paperless process for secure and fast knowledge sharing!


  • Process Improvement
  • Error Reduction
  • Cost Reduction


  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Data visualization


  • Document management- Help standardize analog processes, allowing valuable tribal knowledge easily accessible to everyone.
  • Procedures- Easy procedure creation from anywhere on any device with cloud storage.
  • Cross-platform- Available on Android, iOS and Windows PC.
  • Digital twins- Help information retention and parsing with a 3D viewport and digital twins of existing equipment.
  • Analytics- Using Power BI drive powerful insights into employees

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