Simple is a powerful central hub for enterprise and government marketing and communications teams.

Are your marketing and communications operations getting out of control? Are workflows, approvals and budgets becoming too complicated to manage without help?

Simple helps you streamline marketing and communication operations, cut costs, manage compliance and align strategic decision-making across your brands, products, initiatives and customer experiences.

The Power of Simple combines marketing resource management, digital asset management, traffic management and more into one – taking care of the project management side of things and letting you focus on strategy. Simple gives you a single, holistic and real-time view of campaigns, campaign budgets and campaign results – no matter how many you have in market.

From a marketing or communications leader's point of view, Simple helps you spend just 15 minutes every morning to ‘take control’: see what’s on track, and what needs your urgent attention – whether it’s what you’re spending, who you’re targeting or whether your campaign activity matches your overall marketing strategy.

Simple also lets you get much more from your existing martech stack, by integrating with each application and forming a hub or nexus from which all activity can be centralised and managed. And by doing so, it extends the value of your existing investments in people, processes and technology.

For national and global brands and organisations, Simple helps:

  • Eliminate wasteful spending: Simple provides real clarity about what's working and what isn't. One consistent area of saving has been the reduction of external advertising agency costs. Simple customers have seen greater than 30% savings by identifying hidden waste, redundancy and making associated process improvements.
  • Keep your brand’s global reputation intact: Simple's central collaborative hub ensures our customers stay on top of their internal and regulatory compliance requirements. Our customers have seen their compliance increase to 100%, helping senior management sleep soundly at night.
  • Put productivity and staff wellbeing first: Simple's core focus is less complexity and more effective business. Through collaborative, guided workflow processes, Simple customers have been able to cut their marketing team’s workload by a staggering 5 hours per day, giving team members time to do their jobs even better. 

Plus: because Simple integrates with Microsoft Teams, it can be accessed through a familiar, collaborative interface – reducing change management and deployment curves. And a shorter learning curve means you’re seeing real value from your Simple investment much, much sooner. Find out more at:
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