Dashboard-in-a-Day: 1-Day Workshop

Advaiya Solutions Inc.

A comprehensive training session to help you understand and explore Power BI as a solution for business data collaboration.

This 1-day workshop is to help business and technical leaders in understanding how data from different systems can be integrated into effective and insightful Power BI dashboards. After this training, attendees will be able to acquire data, build data models, and associate visualizations quickly and easily with Microsoft Power BI.


Session 1

  • Discuss reports and dashboards
  • Discuss data integrate strategies (Lab will cover the integration of 2 data sources)
  • Discuss normalization strategies
  • Review visualizations and which to use to tell your data story

Session 2

  • Managing Power BI permissions with workspaces, publishing and content packs
  • Pulling out data insights through the use of formulas and measures
  • Apply data authorization based on conditions
  • Embedding your report into websites and PowerPoint


  • Training material is intended for business analysts, business leaders, BI/DW and report creators.
  • Training is limited to 10 attendees per session and will be conducted on-site at the client's facility.
  • The attendees are required to identify the data source(s) 1 week prior to the start of the workshop.
  • The estimated cost does not include additional T&E cost.

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