Avtex Patient Reactivation Program 4 Week Workshop


The pandemic has caused financial challenges for providers. Leveraging the power of AI driven patient insights, we help providers re-engage patients and accelerate rescheduling elective services.

View all Patient Data in One Place

With a 360-degree view of the patient, staff can proactively engage patients with personalized messaging and care recommendations. Healthcare providers are better positioned to deliver prioritized and personalized digital outreach increasing brand trust, loyalty and patient retention.

Integrated Reporting on Key Metrics

Create a central dashboard with key KPIs for the entire leadership team. Enable tracking of daily progress on patient engagement goals while measuring true ROI from your marketing investments. With the latest marketing technologies, a provider can implement better strategies to maximize revenue. Create a singular hub for patient communications accessing multiple channels such as email, phone, SMS and chat.

Create a Better Patient Experience

Personalize communications delivered via the patients preferred channels to help put your patient at ease and make it easier to get the care and information they need. With streamlined scheduling, patients can self-schedule with ease and free up staff to focus on care delivery with modern processes. Ensure that patients have the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions.

Services Provided & Agenda*

  • Determine use cases for segmenting and personalize targeting
  • Review potential data sources for profiles and use cases
  • Configuration of Sandbox and Production environment
  • Up to 3 data sources
  • Unify data sources into Patient360 profiles
  • Flow, PowerApps or Power BI connector to Customer360 profiles
  • Analyze and model the data to identify three patient segmentations relevant to your goals

*Est. dependent on profiles and complexity of measures, entities, workflows and dashboards.

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