Beyondsoft Power BI: 4-Day Proof of Concept

Beyondsoft Consulting

*Harness the power of Microsoft Power BI for your business*

In this 30-hour engagement, Beyondsoft Consulting will help you leverage the market-leading analytics tool to surface key business insights to give you a leg up on your competition. Beyondsoft will work closely with you and your data to build a Power BI proof of concept, complete with a data model, Key Performance Indicators, and world-class visualizations. Beyondsoft Consulting has a storied history of kick-starting a data-driven approach to organizations around the globe, so you benefit directly from years of experience in the Business Intelligence and Analytics field. ### Agenda * Trust Us. Beyondsoft will visit virtually or onsite to meet and get to know your team. * Understand your business. Together, we can work to establish organizational needs and requirements to achieve your business goals. * Get results. Work with you to iterate on a set of dashboards selected by your team. * Learn from the best. Our team will train you on how to get started with Power BI, and maintain the dashboards built just for you. ### Deliverables * Assess Customer Data environment and create a plan to ensure data is accessible and usable * Assist Customer in establishing a new Azure account for data repositories * Setup and configure landing zone for data files in blob storage including appropriate permissions to secure customer data * Identify customer requirements for user access and set appropriate IAM security policies to enable Power BI access * Configure and allow customer Power BI access to data files stored in a chosen repository * Establish customer login ID’s for partner’s and 3rd party access to Power BI visualization dashboard * Work with Customer to identify fundamental values and create 2-3 dashboards representing customer data * Identify how to address multiple customer logins and separation of datasets or dashboards * Educate Customer on how to import data and build Power BI dashboards **Note** * Customers have 60 days to use the allotted 30 hours of consulting
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