Power BI Performance: 4-Hr Assessment


Free performance assessment of Microsoft Power BI across user experience, solution architecture, and data modeling from a BlueGranite Power BI Specialist.

Successful Power BI implementations have the potential to transform the way organizations access and analyze data from all aspects of their business.

This performance assessment is an entry point for organizations looking to maximize their Power BI investment with outside expertise.

BlueGranite’s Catalyst Framework for Power BI Adoption is built upon thousands of hours of experience across hundreds of clients using Power BI for a wide range of users and business cases.

Organizations capable of addressing Power BI performance issues benefit from quicker adoption and higher user satisfaction.

This Assessment is aimed squarely at the performance challenges organizations face that impact end user experience, data refreshes, and data modeling.

Deliverables and Outcomes

  • Outline of specific Power BI performance challenges facing the organization
  • Identify and measure performance baselines
  • Provide recommendations for high value performance improvements and tactics